5 tips for choosing to the floor for an open plan house

House – The place where you spend most of the time of your life there and this is why you become very picky to select everything like interior decoration, furniture or choosing your flooring. Many people don’t think much about flooring but it plays a vital role in the appearance of your home. Now it is up to you and your other home stuff whether to go with wood, concrete, stone, tile or you should carpet your floor.

Flooring gives style to your house. So why not we just discover today the tips of selecting floor for your open place. So here we go.

  1. Go with one material where feasible

If there is no big opening then it is ok to switch materials in choosing your flooring, but if there is opening more than 8′ crossways, the gap looks like as one big open room.  If it seems alright then you can leave that as it is.

  1. Keep the Durability of the material in your mind

We have different sort of flooring like tile, concrete, laminate, stone, faux stone and so on. Now it is completely on you that which one would you like to choose. Like tile is used for warmer climates. And you need to see the durability of porcelain tile of your kitchen and if you use it then don’t extend it into the family room. Porcelain tile is not best fit for living space as it does not go well for living space. You have one option for choosing your flooring in the kitchen is natural stone tile. It gives warmth and high-quality appearance.

  1. What you pick will seem the same

There is one rule that should be followed strictly that what you choose will be the same after fixing that. Like most people prefer porcelain tile for kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms and so on because of its stability. And after fixing it there, it must look like porcelain tile, not like a stone imitation.  Remember this; faux stone flooring tiles don’t deceive anyone.  Try to pick an interesting pattern of your tiles. Click here.

  1. Where to use what?

For spaces, you should select natural stone like entry, family room, and kitchen. You have to see how you can go in flow all together with adjoining spaces. Wood flooring or carpet for the bedroom and use wood for study room as well. For the dining room, you can have a choice. It depends on floor plane or enclosed it.

  1. Make a choice right combination

Just start in right order like for entry, living/family room, dining, and study use wood flooring.  For the kitchen, put wood if it is open to the family room. Use durable material for the floors like porcelain or natural stone tile if there is a small opening between the kitchen and the family room. Do select a material that has the same color tone as the wood has. It would be great that two diverse materials of the same color and value can come into view.


Choosing your flooring is a big responsibility as it adds value to your house. Don’t use the same flooring in the entire home to save your money. Just before construction, do set the budget for flooring too. I hope this article will help you out to select perfect flooring for your home. For more information visit: https://www.theflooringlady.com/bamboo-and-cork/

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Hardwood Floor Installer – Questions to Ask First

hardwood floors

Thinking of replacing your floors with the elegance of wood? Here are some questions you might want to ask your hardwood floor installer.

If a homeowner decides to replace their old flooring with wood, they will need to find a competent hardwood floor installer to do the job. Some skilled homeowners or steadfast do-it-yourselfers are able to perform this task themselves. A novice will definitely want to turn the complex job over to a professional. While laminate flooring may be more geared to a weekend carpentry warrior, true hardwood floors will require substantial knowledge, tools and finesse. When interviewing tradespersons about doing the installation, here are some questions to ask:

– How many floors have you installed? It’s preferable to have someone with enough experience under their tool belt. If a contractor has only built cabinets or framed houses, he or she may not have the expertise to do a stellar job on your timber flooring. Find someone with experience.

– What type of hardwood do you recommend? There are multiple types of timber to select from. Oak, pine, bamboo, maple and spruce are just a few of the possible varieties. Each choice has pros and cons. Don’t forget that the wood may be stained to the hue of your preference, as well. Reclaimed lumber is another option which has become quite popular because it has a lot of personality and is good for the environment because there are no trees harmed in the making of the planks. Reclaimed timber is gathered from old barns, pickling vats and plank floors. The knotholes and unique vintage grain patterning gives this flooring high appeal.

– What tools are needed for this task? Another reason to hire a professional is that they will have the proper tools for this installation. A do-it-yourselfer may think he or she can save lots of money trying to do this job themselves, but unless they have a ready supply of specific carpentry flooring tools, they will spend a chunk of change collecting what’s needed. Drills, saws, pry bars, deck screws, measuring tape, level, saw horses, floor stapler, heavy duty flooring staples, regular hammer, mallet, square, and pneumatic finish hammer with nails.

hardwood floors– How long will it take to complete this job? It will depend on the tear-out and size of the rooms to be remodeled. If the room is currently carpeted, it will be fairly simple for the hardwood floor installer to rip out the existing carpeting and pad. The tack strip will need to be removed, as well, and the surface of the under floor smoothed and leveled. If the surface to be removed is tile, it will be more work as tiling takes intensive labor hours to strip and prepare for the installation of hardwood. Prefinished wood will take less time if it’s purchased with the stain and varnish already completed. Natural hardwood will need to be stained post-installation which will extend the time frame of the job.visit http://www.hardwoodfloorsmag.com/news/hardwood-federation-stormed-the-hill-in-d-c-during-fly-in.html today!

– What will it cost? Make certain to get a written estimate for the job. It’s best to know up front what it will cost per square foot rather than paying for labor by the hour. That way it will be up to the contractor to get the job done in a timely fashion instead of the meter ticking away adding to the price tag.

When all questions are answered satisfactorily, check references and get ready for a beautiful new look courtesy of your hardwood floor installer.

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